TodaysArt x Vienna Business Agency x sound:frame

Festival for Art, Music & Technology

We are super happy to present three Austrian artworks together with the Vienna Business Agency at the TodaysArt Festival in The Hague from September 21 – 23.
In the course of their “Digital Realities” Challenge the Vienna Business Agency joined forces with the Viennese sound:frame agency and the TodaysArt Festival in Den Haag to look for new interdisciplinary and digital artworks with the aim of promoting different applications of immersive technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality for creative work.
The two winning projects “Virtually Impossible” (Bernhard Breuer, Florian Nitsch) and “Inside Lieutenant Gustl” (Sebastian Brauneis, Sascha Mann, Stefanie Schmitt) are presented at this years TodaysArt Festival and represent two different artistic approaches that impressively deal with the transition between physical and virtual space such as the physical and emotional immersion of the viewer into another reality.
Additionally to that sound:frame presents the work „The Lacuna Shifts – Annex“ by Depart – a virtual reality installation that was commissioned by sound:frame in 2017.

Inside Lieutenant Gustl – a work in progress presentation. Sebastian Brauneis, Sascha Mann, Stefanie Schmitt, Deborah Sengl 24 min | VR | 360 degrees | 3D | virtual theatre experience

Virtually Impossible. Bernhard Breuer, Florian Nitsch Live performance, drums and visuals

The Lacuna Shifts – Annex. Depart VR installation – presented together with Elevate


More infos about the festival HERE.


Vienna goes the Hague
Digital Realities Challenge

A collaboration between the Vienna Business Agency, sound:frame and TodaysArt


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