Contemplative VR experience

Herwig Scherabon, Arno Deutschbauer & Lukas Fliszar & Michael Ari (101): “Afterlife”

commissioned by sound:frame

AFTERLIFE is an immersive virtual reality experience inspired by buddhistic contemplation techniques in which we can escape the sensory overload of our physical environment for a moment. Everything in this world is designed to focus our attention on simple things like colours, light and booming sounds or to let us experience the expanse of space. The work created in collaboration with Herwig Scherabon, Arno Deutschbauer, Michael Ari and Lukas Fliszar helps us understand the inconsistency of life and to detach ourselves from what we believe we have to be. The experience initiated by sound:frame invites us to be just a spectator and let go of our thoughts, expectations and worries.


Herwig Scherabon
Arno Deutschbauer



Funded by Wien Kultur

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