studio[sic] Installation @ Electric Spring

hosted by sound:frame

Wonderful Dalia Ahmed is curating the 5th edition of the Electric Spring Festival!

The line up will be huge, presenting acts like Hanna, Kids n Cats , In My Talons, salute, Euroteuro, Klitclique, Kinetical & P.tah, Keke and many more.

sound:frame is programming the festival’s live visuals for the fourth time. This year, an installation by Kerstin and Jakob Wiesmayer alias studio[sic] serves as the stage design. Decisive for the studio[sic] stage sets is the spontaneous processing with light. The aim is to transform music into light. The composition of stage design and spotlight is combined in order to create a wide variety of moving images. The static becomes dynamic, the invisible becomes recognizable and other things might disappear.

Full line up here.

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