OPEN FRAME – AR mobile gallery

Martina Menegon, plug your nose and try to hum – AR

sound:frame together with Artivive App opens its frame for augmented reality and created a mobile AR gallery.

The second featured artist is Martina Menegon, a multimedia artist and lecturer of Virtual Reality and Interactive Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the Art University in Linz. Through multimedia installations that spawn between interactive, virtual and mixed reality art, Martina Menegon uses digital media to re-materialise the body after it has been transferred into a virtual state, creating an intimate and complex assemblage of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its synthetic corporeality.

“plug your nose and try to hum – AR” is an Augmented Reality intervention for the OPEN FRAME – AR MOBILE GALLERY. Floating miniature bodies humming in various pitches appear at random intervals, filling the Open Frame space. These virtual bodies propose a synthetic corporeality, evoking a sense of uncanniness due to the blurring of the split between real and virtual, flesh and data. They are perceivable digital representation, something that can be sensed and felt despite their virtual nature.

plug your nose and try to hum – AR








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