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Virtual and Augmented Reality as an artistic medium and a tool for communication

In the course of WALKIE TALKIE (a collaborative art crawl by Aa Collections, Improper Walls, Artivive, Hollerei & sound:frame) Eva Fischer hosted the panel discussion “Virtual and Augmented Reality as an artistic medium and a tool for communication”. Together with Gabriella Chihan Stanley (XR Vienna, VRISCH), Franziska Bruckner (Fh St. Pölten – Department Media & Digital Technologies) and Gregor Ladenhauf (Depart“The Lacuna Shifts” VR Experience) she discussed whether Virtual Reality can be seen as the new tool for digital artistic approaches, the creation of immersive experiences and thus also a new medium of communication.


Listen to the recording here:



How does storytelling change through a new immersive medium like VR?

Did VR change your worldview as an artist?

As a communication manager in the XR field – why is this medium so interesting for you?

VR has been often described as the “empathy machine” which allows the audience to take a foreign perspective, to maybe even experience another person’s story. Would you agree?

What would you reccommend somebody who wants to start producing content in VR.

Which XR experiences are a MUST watch?

Which networks and platforms are the best to meet people?

How will the future look like?

How will XR change our communication – as artists, as entrepreneurs, as people?



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Funded by Wien Kultur

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