Area for Virtual Art

A place for immersive experiences and get-togethers.

sound:frame together with Pausanio presents the Area for Virtual Art – an online platform for digital art and virtual formats. Discover current artistic approaches in virtual exhibitions and meet people in discourse programs and live events to exchange thoughts and create new ideas and concepts. The Area for Virtual Art develops into an international hub, giving a platform to current digital art forms and connecting people all over the world.
  sound:frame expands into the virtual realm, with a new platform for virtual art and discourse: the Area for Virtual Art. Together with Pausanio, the Cologne-based agency for digital cultural communication, we are pursuing the vision of creating a virtual place for digital art & culture where people from all over the world can meet. As part of the Ars Electronica 2020, we are giving a first insight into the Area for Virtual Art and invite the audience for an exclusive “site inspection”, including an exhibition tour to hear more from the artists and a virtual cocktail party to meet others.     The Area for Virtual Art becomes a place where people get together from all over the world to experience art, immerse themselves in new worlds and let go. In 2020 our life has been turned upside down. Everything is different now, nothing will be like it was. These circumstances lead to precarious situations, stress, loneliness, uncertainty. But at the same time they inspire us: “Rethinking” has become the slogan of the present day, encompassing all areas of life: rethinking mobility, rethinking the public sphere, rethinking the working world, rethinking relationships – ourselves, life: Rethinking the world. The Area for Virtual Art appropriates room in virtual space. Space that serves society. A place where people from all over the world can meet and network. A place where digital artistic formats gain visibility. Space and tools that artists* can experiment with. A place where internationally networked discussions and exchanges take place. The Area for Virtual Art sees itself as a lively part of public discussion and negotiation processes. It aims to create new public places to be present, to participate in discourse, to create visibility and to build community. We are looking for a present that arouses interest in the future.    

Area for Virtual Art –

  Further information about the program can be found here (starting on 09–09–2020): LAUNCH – 09–09–2020 Dalia’s Late Night Lemonade – Radio Show in VR      


sound:frame. Immersive Art / Eva Fischer, Angie Pohl, Marijn Bril, Stefanie Schmitt, Maximilian Prag, Marlene Kager, Martina Menegon, Enrico Zago, Matthias K. Heschl  – Pausanio. Agentur für digitale Kulturkommunikation / Holger Simon, Madita Wierz –  


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