Creative Days Vienna 2021

Part of ViennaUP'21



Creative Days Vienna 2021– first announcements:

Guests, among others are: Francesca Bria (innovation economist and digital policy expert), Dead Centre (directors-duo), Dorian Concept (musician), Paul Feigelfeld (media theorist), Eva Fischer (curator), Mavie Hörbiger (actor), Hannelore Jarvis Essandoh (social worker & fashion designer), Peter Kollreider (musician & artist), Aino Laberenz (costume designer), Greg Lynn (architect), Severin Matusek (podcast host), Martina Menegon (artist), Stefanie Schmitt (dramaturg), Cornelia Sollfrank (artist & author), Xiaowei Wang (artist & engineer), Marlies Wirth (curator)

The Creative Days Vienna will be hosted by Adia Trischler.

Streaming: KleeM & Bildwerk
Prerecordings and Live Camera: PICKS


Networking Sessions & Experiences – first insights


Culture & Technology Podcast – LINK

How is technology changing culture? From exhibition design to the performing arts, we invite leading curators, researchers, artists and cultural experts to explore how technology is shaping the future of cultural experiences and sparking new opportunities in the process.

The Culture & Technology Podcast is a virtual salon — hosted by the Vienna Business Agency together with Severin Matusek. Each conversation pairs Viennese creatives with an international expert to discuss a topic, entertain a thought and share their knowledge through conversation.



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